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Testicular Pain

The testicles are one of the most sensitive parts of the male’s body.  Also called the testes, they are the small egg-shaped reproductive gland and a part of the male’s reproductive system. They are inside a thin pouch of skin called the scrotum. The testicles are the ones responsible for storing the sperm and making the male hormones called testosterone.

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Testicular pain is a condition that can affect you at any age you are in. You may feel it in one or both of your testicles, but sometimes the pain may not actually come from your testicles themselves. It can come from another part of your body, such as your groin, but this type of pain is called referred pain.

The pain can either be sudden and short, or gradual and long-lasting. At first, your symptom can be a dull ache that increases when you are doing something. The pain can also be severe, this is due to your testicles having many sensitive nerves. When your pain lasts longer than a couple of hours or if the pain is intense, get medical care immediately.

Testicular pain can be caused by several conditions, severe injury, inflammation, or sexually transmitted infections. It can also be caused by an emergency condition, such as testicular torsion or twisting. Pain in your testicles can also indicate a more serious problem like testicular cancer. So if you do not know why you are experiencing testicular pain, make sure that you seek immediate medical care or attention to immediately start treatment as needed.

The pain from a testicular pain can feel different depending on the cause, it can sometimes feel dull or intense. Alongside the pain, there are other symptoms that you can experience, which can include:

  • Swelling – you may feel a lump in your scrotum. They can also appear red and shiny, which could mean you have an injury or a tumor.
  • Bruising – bruising could mean that your testicles were injured.
  • Fever – if your testicular pain comes with a fever, it could be a sign that you have epididymitis.
  • Urination problem – you may feel a burning sensation in your testicles when urinating, especially when you have to urinate frequently.

You have a higher risk of testicular pain if you do physical work, or play full-contact sports. Having a sexually transmitted infection can also put you at a higher risk of testicular pain. If you have an STI or have been recently diagnosed, consult your urologist and get treated early and immediately.

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