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What is Varicocele

A varicocele is a condition in which the vein inside your scrotum becomes enlarged. This vein is also known as the  pampiniform plexus, and the scrotum is the skin or pouch that holds your testicles. Varicocele is very similar to  varicose veins which mostly occur on the legs. Although rare, a varicocele can decrease the production of your  sperm and its quality, which can then lead to infertility.   We have the best urologists in East New York at Doral Health and Wellness Urology Center. If you notice a problem  with your testicles or scrotum, you can contact us by visiting our clinic or visiting our website at or   With varicoceles, your scrotum can grow larger. And because the male anatomy is not the same on both sides, this  condition is more common on the left side of your scrotum. Although they can both be affected by this condition at  the same time, it is still rare.     […]