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Testicular Pain: Possible Causes

The testicles are one of the most sensitive parts of the male’s body.  Also called the testes, they are the small egg-shaped reproductive gland and a part of the male’s reproductive system. They are inside a thin pouch of skin called the scrotum. The testicles are the ones responsible for storing the sperm and making the male hormones called testosterone.

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Testicular pain is a condition that can affect you at any age you are in. You may feel it in one or both of your testicles. Testicular pain can be caused by several conditions, severe injury, inflammation, or sexually transmitted infections. It can also be caused by an emergency condition, such as testicular torsion or twisting. Pain in your testicles can also indicate a more serious problem like testicular cancer. So if you do not know why you are experiencing testicular pain, make sure that you seek immediate medical care or attention to immediately start treatment as needed.

The causes of your testicular pain can include:

  • Injury or trauma – if you do contact sports, physical exercises, or had an accident, it may cause trauma or injury in your testicles
  • Inguinal hernia – this condition occurs when a part of your intestines pushes through a weak part of your abdominal muscles. This condition is usually not dangerous, but it can be very painful.
  • Epididymitis – your epididymis is a coiled group of tiny tubes that carries your sperm from your testicles to your sperm duct. When these (epididymis) becomes inflamed, epididymitis happens. Your scrotum can become swollen and hot to the touch and can last for a few days.
  • Orchitis – this is a condition that causes swelling and burning sensation in one or both of your testicles due to a bacterial or viral infection. Orchitis is usually caused by the mumps virus.
  • Varicocele – a varicocele is when you have an abnormal size of veins near your testicles. These large veins can cause dull pain in the affected testicles while doing your normal and daily activities.
  • Kidney stones – you may also feel pain in your testicles when you have kidney stones. This is mainly because stones can get stuck in your ureters which leads to pain in your back, groin, and scrotum.
  • Testicular torsion – this is an emergency condition, where there is a twisting of the blood supply to your testicle. When this happens, it causes severe and sharp pain in your testicles. This condition needs immediate surgery to save your testicles.
  • Testicular cancer – if you have testicular cancer, it can cause swelling and dull pain in your lower abdomen and scrotum.

Testicular pain may last or it may not, depending on the cause. If it is caused by a simple injury, the pain can last for about an hour. But if the pain lasts longer than a couple of hours or if the pain gets worse, seek immediate medical care.

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