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How to Prevent Dysuria (Painful Urination)?

Dysuria is when you experience pain or a burning sensation when urinating. Although this condition can affect both 
men and women, it is more common in women. This is often linked to urinary tract infections.  
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The very step in getting treatment for your dysuria is to determine what’s causing the pain. If it is caused by an 
infection, inflammation, an issue with your bladder, prostate, or any other underlying medical condition. 
If your dysuria is caused by a urinary tract infection, you may be treated with antibiotics.  
If it is caused by an inflammation, or if you have irritated skin that burns when you pee, you will be advised 
to avoid whatever is causing your irritation. 
If the pain you are having stems from an issue or problem with your bladder or prostate, it is best that you 
address your underlying condition so you will be relieved from dysuria.  
You can also try at-home remedies to care for your dysuria, this can include taking over-the-counter anti
inflammatory medications. You are also encouraged to drink more water to dilute your urine, making it more easier 
to pass. 
There are several steps that you can take in order to prevent dysuria. This includes: 
Drinking more water. Drink as much as you can or at least two to three liters of water a day. 
If you wear a sanitary pad or a urinary incontinence pad, change it regularly or as soon as it gets spoiled to 
prevent further irritation. 
After urinating (for women), pat dry your urine from the insides of your vaginal lips.  
Along with painful urination, make sure that you contact your medical provider if you have more of these 
additional symptoms: 
Have a drainage from your vagina or penis 
Have fever 
Your urine has a foul smell, cloudy or if you notice blood in your urine 
Have back or side pain 
You pass a kidney or bladder stone 
Consult your doctor immediately if your painful urination persists. Or if you are pregnant and you have dysuria, 
make sure that you discuss this with your doctor. If you start to get ill because of dysuria, make sure to see your 
medical provider before the infection starts to get worse and other symptoms develop. 
If you or your loved one is experiencing dysuria, have them/yourself checked. You can schedule an appointment 
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