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Blood in Your Urine: What Could It Be?

Seeing blood in your urine could be a little scary. Although in some instances it can be harmless, blood in urine, or hematuria, can be a cause of a serious underlying medical disorder.

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Hematuria is just a symptom so make sure that you consult your doctor immediately if you see blood in your urine. Blood in the urine should never be ignored. Especially if you are also suffering from:

  • Nausea, vomiting, and fever
  • Frequent, painful, or urgent urination
  • Pain in your abdomen

There can be several different causes of hematuria. Some could be more serious than others. These conditions can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Injury to the urinary tract – when bacteria enter your urethra it can multiply in the bladder. When this happens, you will have UTI. And urinary tract infection can make your urine look reddish, pinkish, or brownish. UTI can also cause a burning feeling when you pee.
  • Bladder stone – there are minerals in your urine that can form crystals and attach to the walls of your bladder. These crystals can become small hard stones. These stones cause blockage and blood in your urine.
  • Kidney disease – blood in your urine could also indicate that you have kidney disease. Sometimes the blood in your urine can only be visible in the laboratory. When you have kidney disease, the tiny filters in your kidney that remove waste from your blood become inflamed.
  • Enlarged prostate – also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This happens when the prostate and its surrounding tissue swell. When your prostate gland enlarges, it can squeeze your urethra, and over time the bladder weakens and loses its ability to empty completely. One of its symptoms is having blood in your urine.
  • Cancer – having blood in your urine could be a sign of having advanced kidney, bladder, or prostate cancer.
  • Kidney injury – when you have a kidney injury, sometimes from a blow or from a contact sport, blood can show up in your urine.
  • Medicines – an anti-cancer drug and an antibiotic can also blood in your urine. Medicines that also prevent blood clots can also be the cause of having blood in your urine.
  • Rigorous exercise – playing contact sports, such as football, can cause blood in your urine. But blood in urine caused by hard exercises can go away on its own.

Be sure to seek medical help at the first sign of blood in your urine. You will most likely need your family doctor or primary health physician. Or you could be referred to a urologist, a doctor who specializes in urinary tract disorders.

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